Get Ready to Ride!

That's right, young whipper snappers.  XY Magazine is finally coming back and it promises to be bigger and better than ever!  Peter, the angel investor who backed the company to the tune of over $500,000, ultimately took control of the company when he purchased the assets through a negotiated settlement with the U.S. Federal Bankruptcy Court, which was filed on behalf of the original founder.   Peter kept XY alive and well by selling back issues, donating funds to Gay charities and causes and keeping XYMAG.COM live while he searched for the new editorial team.

And what a team he has assembled!

We'll reveal the full 'Who's Who' when we recommence publication with the


which will be on newsstands everywhere before the end of the year! 

But one thing is for certain, you won't be disappointed!  In fact, you'll recognize the names of many former XY staffers, friends and photographers.

Plus you'll see a new issue on the stands every 60 days.  That's a promise!

We've teamed up with Valente' Publishing Group who will coordinate production to ensure timely delivery of each and every issue. 

For those former XY readers who are now "All Grown Up" and seeking a publication with a bit more spice, Valente Publishing  Group will be publishing (under license);

                   XY HARDCORE

As long as you're over the age of 18, you'll be able to purchase the special editions of these high-end coffee table quality 'Bookazines' featuring  some very hot and sexy photos of past XY  models, who are now all grown up. Plus you'll get off  on their erotically posed and totally nude photo's of  some really cute and very hot everyday guys they've line up for photo shoots.  OMG, they are so hot!

I can't wait to see their first special edition of XY Hardcore:                  'College Guys'

And last, but certainly not least, XY Magazine will introduce you to a world of boys you might want to meet through it's new on-line dating site; XYMATE.COM.  Be sure to stay tuned  to XYMAG.COM for all the latest updates.